Petroleum Bitumen Applications

Bitumen Applications

Bitumen Applications. Bitumen is one of the most common organic binders. Due to its properties it found wide use in construction and repairs. Bitumen is a watertight, chemically stable material, which softens when hot and sticks to wood, metal, minerals and plastics.

Bitumen is the main binding material in construction and repairs or road top.

Depending on the use, bitumens are divided into groups:

  • road construction (most of bitumen produced);
  • construction;
  • special;
  • high-melting point.

In turn, road construction bitumens can be liquid and viscous. Bitumen of the first type are used in surface treatment of road, saturation of gravel to make asphalt and bitumen mineral mix. Bitumen of the second type function is binder in construction of road top and other road construction operations, production of cold mix asphalt, surface treatment of gravel roads and gravel road tops.

Bitumen is the first product made from crude oil and used by humanity. Even in 3800 BC it was used as a construction material. Bitumen was used to protect grain storage and was used for preservation of mummies. The development of oil industry improved bitumen quality and increased production.

In our days bitumen is widely used in construction, agriculture, industry and for protection from radiation. One of the main applications of this material is the construction of roads, structures, airports and residential buildings.

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