Laboratory bitumen emulsion plant (UVB-1-L)

GlobeCore offers laboratory scale UVB-1-L units for perfection of water-bitumen emulsion recipe depending on its composition and application – a good idea considering the much lower cost of components for sample production and elimination of losses if the results are unsatisfactory and production must be readjusted.

The UBV-1-L produces small samples for bitumen emulsion.

UVB-L laboratory plant is designed for the following purposes:

— preparation of laboratory samples of bitumen emulsions;
— testing and refining of the bitumen emulsion recipe with given emulsion components and intended emulsion application.
This unit can be supplied in addition to UVB-1 bitumen emulsion production unit or as a stand-alone product.

Parameter Value
1 Emulsifying capacity (for a batch), l/min 20
2 Blender ingoing bitumen pressure, MPa 1.6
3 Bitumen temperature, ºC 140-160
4 Blending temperature, ºC 40-60
5 Nominal power, kW 6.0
6 Power circuit voltage, V 400
7 Max overall dimensions, mm
– length 1450
– width 700
– height 1300
8 Weight, kg 195


УВБ 1л

UVB-L unit is a semi-automatic device.

1- bitumen heating vessel; 2- blending heating vessel; 3- frame; 4- emulsion collector; 5- blending rotameter; 6- ingoing blending valve; 7- pressure adjusting devices; 8- control cabinet; 9- injective blender; 10- discharge blending valve; 11- discharge bitumen valve; 12- ingoing blending valve; 13- ingoing bitumen valve; 14- discharge emulsion valve.