Classification of Bitumen

Classification of Bitumen

Classification of Bitumen. Natural bitumen is a dark brown material, usually solid at room temperature.

Due to its physical and chemical properties, this material is widely used in construction and repairs, such as:

  • roofing;
  • waterproofing;
  • construction of structures;
  • road construction.

Beside, bitumen is used successfully in production of rubber, paints and cables.

The raw materials for bitumen production are usually the residual products of crude oil refining, such as heavy oil, tower bottoms, resins, cracking residue, selective oil fraction purification products etc.

There are several classifications of this construction material known today. First of all, bitumen is classified according to its origin: natural, synthetic, pyrobitumen etc.

By production method, bitumen is classified into residual, oxidized and compounded. Residual bitumen is obtained by refining of special types of heavy crude oil. Oxidized bitumen is made by oxidation of heavy fractions left from crude oil refining or their mixtures with extracts, resins and other heavy byproducts of oil refining by air. Compounded bitumen is a mixture of residual and oxidized bitumen.

In terms of application, there are road, roofing, construction, insulation and special purpose bitumen types.

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