Equipment Presentations Held in Bulgaria

Starting On 18 October 2015 through 24 October 2015, GlobeCore held equipment presentations in several cities in Bulgaria that included Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Blagoevgrad and others.

The following GlobeCore equipment was presented:

  • bitumen emulsion production units;
  • units for bitumen modification with polymers; and
  • bitumen laboratory equipment.

The presentations were attended by representatives of the top managers and engineers of road of Bulgarian construction companies.  All attendees were happy to have received the latest GlobeCore Road Construction Equipment catalogs containing the technical specifications of the advanced bitumen products.

Upon the completion of the presentations, the attendees were given the opportunity to speak with the GlobeCore design engineer and discuss many specific technical questions about the road construction products.

It must be noted that a GlobeCore plant designed for the production of modified bitumen has been operating in Bulgaria since 2009.  Familiarity with GlobeCore’s reputation and equipment in Bulgaria has sparked a growing interest in learning more about how GlobeCore products can benefit the companies involved in the road construction industry.

GlobeCore thanks all the participants for their interest shown towards our Company in the course of presentations and for such a warm welcome to Bulgaria.