GlobeCore Colloid Mill Advantages

Colloid Mill – is a device with a steel body and a rotor inside. It is used for processing liquid and semi-liquid materials making them smooth,  homogeneous and fine-dispersed.

GlobeCore colloid mills can be used in the preparation of highly stable colloidal solutions, emulsions, suspensions, ointments, emulsions of bitumen, modified bitumen, etc.

Principle of operation

GlobeCore colloid mills use the principle of so-called “wet” grinding. Grinding of the particles is done by the fact that the rotor and stator cones have a larger inlet and a smaller outlet.

The material is fed into rotating operating cavity of the rotor. Passing through the gap between the discs, it rubs and squeezed in the pressure line.

Complex micro features on the surface of the rotor,  create turbulence, also influence the degree of grinding (usually a particle size up to 1 micron) Furthermore, cavitation in a colloid mill – creates  pressure in internal cavities – dispersing particle size sufficiently.

An induction motor is used, the parameters of which depend on the capacity and type of colloid mill.

Technical characteristics of the colloid mill type KLM-4



1 Production on the water, m ³ / hour to.


2 Operating pressure


3 Rotating speed, rev / min.

3 000

4 Heater temperature, ° C max.


5 Coolant temperature, ° C for at least ..

– 4

6 Dispersity, micrometers.


7 Nominal diameter of  inlet/outlet mm


8 Drive motor power in kW.


9 Overall dimensions, mm:

– lenth,

– width,

– hight.




10 Weight, kg


What do you get buying a GlobeCore colloid mill:

  • Dispersing and homogenizing in a single device;
  • A high degree of homogenization of the product;
  • Optimal grinding tool for a particular technological tasks;
  • Full compliance with the existing equipment hygiene standards.

Benefits of colloid mills GlobeCore:

  • Ideal for the production of colloidal solutions, suspensions and emulsions;
  • Grind particles to a required sizes in a single pass;
  • Integrated into a complex processes of wet fine grinding;
  • Heating jacket allows milling with  heat;
  • Made of a black metal, stainless steel, or chemically resistant stainless steel;
  • Availability   explosion-proof;
  • Universal. Used in road construction, energy, engineering, chemical, paint, food, pharmaceutical and other industries;
  • Delivered anywhere in the world.

Performance of commercially available colloidal mills on water is from 1.8 to 22 m3 / h. But it is possible to order  a  device with a greater capacity GlobeCore  specialists always ready to advise and help you choose the type of colloid mill to existing or made-to-order