Gilsonite is a special product of ATDM for the mineral known as  asphaltum, uintaite, natural bitumen, mineral tar, natural asphalt, mineral bitumen, bitumen powder, drilling mud, or uintahite, which is found in commercial quantities only in the Utah of USA and Kermanshah of Iran. This unique mineral is used in more than 160 products, primarily in dark-colored printing inks and paints, oil well  drilling muds and cements, asphalt modifiers, foundry sands additives  and a wide variety of chemical products.

Gilsonite is using in such ways:

  1. Road construction/asphalt/paving
  2. Roof isolation/insulation/membrane sheet
  3. Gilsonite for ink, paint and coat
  4. Gilsonite for foundry

Gilsonite is used as a performance-enhancing agent for asphalt mixes. Gilsonitemodified paving mixes achieve higher PG grades and incorporate perfectly into the asphalt blend with no need for high shear milling as is the case with many other modifiers. Gilsonite can partially or totally replace or complement the use of SBS polymers in modified asphalts at a fraction of the cost.

Gilsonite-modified asphalts have higher stability, reduced deformation, reduced  temperature susceptibility and increased resistance to water stripping than non-modified asphalts. Gilsonite is also used to make both solvent-based and emulsion pavement sealers with superior appearance and weathering properties.

The configuration of the internal structure of bitumen is largely determined by the chemical constitution of the molecular species present. Bitumen is a complex chemical mixture of molecules of a predominantly hydrocarbon nature with a minor amount of structurally analogous heterocyclic species and functional groups containing sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen atoms. Bitumen also contains trace quantities of metals such as vanadium, nickel, iron, magnesium and calcium which occur in the form of inorganic slats and oxides or porphyrine statures.

Gilsonite is used in roofing materials primarily as an agent to lower the penetration of petroleum asphalt without aging or oxidizing the base asphalt  Lowering the penetration of the base asphalt to maintain some of its flexibility while   at the same time maximizing the asphalt’s ability to withstand high temperatures without softening. Gilsonite is also used as modifier to reach roofing specifications when air-blowing facilities are not available. Gilsonite is also used by a number manufacturers producing  patching materials for roofing. Gilsonite is used to modify the patching materials and is distributed in containers to retail customers. Using Gilsonite as modifier allows the product to remain  pliable until applied, after which it permanently attaches to the treated surface.