Road construction equipment – UVB-1 Successfully Started up in Azerbaijan

On 7 February 2015, GlobeCore’s employees finished the start up  road construction equipment UVB-1 unit (capacity 2 m³/hour) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

road construction in Baku

On 7 February 2015

Bitumen for road construction equipment designed for production of bitumen emulsion are in demand due to their competitive price and high quality characteristics of the final bitumen emulsion product they produce.  It is worth noting the following benefits of  bitumen emulsions:

  • no warm up necessary;  Application of bitumen emulsion allows the workers to save energy and reduce the time required to conduct construction projects since there is no need to warm up bitumen to 150-160°C.  Additionally, road construction projects are safe since the risk of thermal burns is greatly reduced when using GlobeCore bitumen emulsion equipment.
  • possibility to apply bitumen emulsion to the road surface with residual moisture.  In such a way, the road construction season may be significantly extended.
  • application of adhesive additives and special diluent gives the possibility to make bitumen emulsion more efficient when there are surface irregularities, pores, and cracks.

Cationic bitumen emulsions provide better  adhesion to the surface due to the electric force between positive and negative charges.

Taking everything into consideration, it should be noted that the most undeniable benefits of bitumen emulsion are increased productivity and high quality of completed road construction projects.

road construction equipment

The GlobeCore UVB-1 units range in capacity (1,2,6, or 8 m3/h) and are designed to produce both cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions that fully comply with international quality standards of the road construction industry.