waterproofing products role

The role of waterproofing products

Most waterproofing operations nowadays are performed by large companies. Such companies offer many methods, all the time steering the customer to their own, which is usually a room water control process. This universal method of waterproofing products is more of a benefit to the waterproofing companies than the client.

There are two possibilities available for basement waterproofing: external or internal treatment. Internal method involved drainage from inside the basement to keep the water getting into the basement in check using a sump pump. This is not actually waterproofing, but water control. Water control approach lets the water in to pump it out again. Waterproofing involves excavating the source at the bottom, creating a drainage system and then protecting the walls so that the water cannot come in. The main difference is to keep the water out entirely or to pump it out after letting it in.

So which approach suits our foundation best? Most specialists in construction confidently say that it is waterproofing. You can get it with the help of waterproofing products.The question is then why so many companies only offer water control? Because it is a simple option. Such systems are relatively easy to install. Material and equipment requirements are minimal. The method is fast with low labor cost.

On the other hand, waterproofing techniques, such as drained cavity basement waterproofing, gets rid of the water and the stress it places on the walls. Water is given a path out through the concealed drainage ducts either to normal drain system or to a sump pump to be removed from the house.

Waterproofing products are obviously superior in that they can be installed inside, present no problems of getting rid of silt and can be used in basements where regular tanking or other methods did  not work, and do not disrupt the original basement too much.

In a nutshell, a good basement waterproofing solution will:

  • Usually be a permanent arrangement
  • stop water from entering both through the walls and the floor
  • not disrupt the decks, patios, driveways etc
  • Usually be approved for home loans
  • Generally be significantly less expensive than other waterproofing solutions

When selecting a waterproofing products to efficiently protect your basement, keep in mind that waterproofing adds to the price of the property.

Learn about the various ways to waterproof and get started by looking at various options, which will allow to apply waterproofing quickly and easily.