Tips for finding the right asphalt supplier

Tips for finding the right asphalt supplier and manufacturer

What follows are some tips to assist in the search for a good asphalt supplier

Asphalt paving experience

Some asphalt contractors focus in large industrial projects, such as huge parking lots or motorways. Others may only work with driveways or small roads.

If you need to apply asphalt to a large area, you may want to look for an asphalt manufacturer with working experience in large jobs. They should also have equipment to work fast to reduce the amount of time when the area is not accessible, which is especially important for a retail parking space where business may suffered.

Asphalt is a good common choice for domestic driveways, since it requires little maintenance, manages temperature shifts well and is durable. For such jobs find out if the supplier has experience in paving driveways. This is important, because experienced contractor will operate in housing area without upsetting the neighbors more than absolutely necessary or making a mess of your front lawn.

Depending on the traffic load and the transports that your paved surface will have to deal with, there are two options. In many cases, a sub-base is laid, which consists of crushed stone and gravel, with two layers of different asphalt above. In areas which must be more durable, if heavy vehicles are expected, use full depth asphalt instead of a sub-base. You must find out if the supplier has be required experience for the job you need done.

Find out how long has the asphalt manufacturer been in the business. Ask for testimonials and references. A responsible asphalt manufacturer will have no problem with such a request and will be confident that the reports from previous clients will be favorable.

Request a quote

Has the mastic asphalt supplier considered the job to be done and reviewed what you need accomplished? Come to know exactly what is included in the job and what is not, and how the asphalt manufacturer charges: this may be by the work, or by the hour. You should also have a clear understanding of how long the work is going to take. The quote should indicate what type of asphalt – sub-base or full-depth – is being applied, and any demolition that might need to be performed. Ask to have the in depth quote given in writing. You will need more than one for comparison; at least three is a good number to make sure that you can get a fair understanding of the price range for the job. Make sure all quotes include the same job and components to make it easier to evaluate.

Implement Assignment

The contract should be very specific about everything in the quote. It should describe a detailed outline of the job to be performed, the duration of time estimated, and the cost of the job. As part of job specification, make sure it contains a list of the paving material type used. It should also contain a warranty on the complete work.

What to look for in the right asphalt and paving contractor.

Appropriate insurance

Check the insurance policy of the manufacturer, make a call to the insurance company, check with the local authorities.

A strong image

Check with the Better Business Bureau, which can give you information on any issues that have been recorded regarding the specific asphalt supplier or company. Check online assessment tools, such as Angie’s List or Service Magic for evaluation.


Keep in mind that an independent asphalt contractor may be just as skilled as a large company, with a smaller charge

Be careful about the price quotes which seem unusually high or low. A low quote means that the contractor will increase the cost later on. A high quote generally suggests that the contractor is probably too busy for the work.